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Joshua Village for Orphans partners with other businesses and non-profits to support one another.

Meet Our Sponsors / Partners

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On Sunday March 13th 2011, after an horrific accident had occurred, causing a police roadblock on Wilkerson road, prohibiting vehicles from passing. Pastor Osumba Benson found herself walking. Because of the police blockade, her ride to church was not able to have access to the road even though she lived only a few  yards from the scene of the accident. At  around 9 am, she was picked up by a total stranger Wendy H. who saw her walking on foot. Wendy's obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit, caused her to stop, picked up Pastor Osumba. Wendy invited her to "Central Church of Christ."


In the course of time, Pastor Osumba shared her passion with the congregation and the pastor of Central Church of Christ. She and Pastor Rod Meyers became very good friends, at times having bible study together. In 2018 Pastor Rod visited Joshua Village for Orphans for the first time, after confirmation that we existed.


Pastor Rod retired from Central Church of Christ in 2022 and became more involved as CEO of CMI (Central Missions International). Joshua Village for Orphans will no longer be a Mission for the Church of Christ as CMI wants to assume that role.
Due to covid -19 his re-visit was postponed until August 2023. His support is highly appreciated, and is welcomed up to date.

Pastor Williams at Bright Diamond Alliance supplies nutritional supplement drinks to Joshua Village for Orphans.

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